Sunday, January 16, 2011

So what exactly IS Reasonable Man Syndrome?

I have tried. I really have. But there is nothing for it.

I admit to not being a social person. But the prospect of anonymity... is tantalising. In real life, people don't want to listen to me talking about minutiae all the time. Seeing a bird flying overhead is not "meant" to be an invitation to describe the details of that bird's habits. Listening to a musician on the big TVs at the gym is not "meant" to give me an excuse to criticise his or her musical technique. Seeing a gramattical error on the internet is not "meant" to lead to an hour-long explanation of the philosophy of language.

To this, I say: ENOUGH.

I will rant. I will rage. And I will do it... on the internet.

I am an atheist. I am a skeptic. I am a pragmatist. I am a leftie. I am a gamer.

I am these and other things that people have feelings about.

But my opinions will be read by at least three people.



  1. Kumquodeweisiumz, 'Mad. This is your first comment.
    (A pity it's from boring old azarov98.)
    Anyway, go forth and rant! I'm all for it. I look forward to gaining valuable knowledge from you and/or ruthlessly demolishing your deeply held delusions.

    P.S. Poor old Emergency Banana Productions, looks like you have been SUCCEEDED. >sob<

  2. Are you physic or what? Your opinions have now been read by 2 people... getting so close to prediction... spooky!

  3. Third person: prediction complete. All the best with articulating your thoughts and/or feelings going forward.

  4. Post more, madlachlan! Let the controversy explode the people's brains!